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Modular, lightweight and small customized PTR-TOF 1000

Reduction of volume & weight by nearly 50%.

The IONICON engineering team builds our bestselling PTR-MS instruments all year round in small serial production, but also works out concepts for and realizes customized instrument projects.

More than a dozen of PTR-MS instruments have already been fitted into special racks, designed for the use in aircraft, aboard ships, helicopters or cars and trucks. Each unique and one of a kind, constructed with the skill of our engineers according to our customers’ needs.

We are proud to share this recent story with you where we accepted a particularly challenging assignment.

An ambitious project for our engineers: weight & size cut objective nearly 50%.

For the deployment aboard a ship with weight and size restrictions, we had to construct a PTR-TOF 1000 split into two separate units, connected to each other for operation but independent for transport. This two-bay set-up also allows for various layouts of the instrument in use e.g. next, opposite or on top of each other. Moreover, we had to come up with a significant reduction of the overall footprint and weight impact of the instrument.

The lead engineer on this project, Stefan Haidacher, comments on the complexity of this project: ”We were facing multiple optimization tasks which all had to be addressed at the same time. The need to reduce weight and size combined with desired flexibility of the layout made it necessary to come up with a completely new design. Time constraints in combination with our aspiration for professionalism and quality, have been an additional challenge for all of us.”

Two units with interconnections, for utmost flexibility in transport and use.

We were able to save 40% of weight and nearly 50% in volume compared to our off-the-shelve PTR-TOF 1000 version. We also managed to ship the PTR-TOFMS to our customer and set it up in time. All requirements were fulfilled, which is a great achievement of the IONICON team.

Learn more on this and similar projects at our Customized PTR-MS Website. Would you like to take “your lab” with you when you go in to the field? Let us know and we’ll see to accepting a new challenge!

Mission accomplished: The customized PTR-TOF 1000 is ready for deployment.