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IONICON fastGC is winner of an Innovation Award 2015

Innovation Awaken! The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards 2015

On December 17, 2015 the TASIAs were published, celebrating a year of innovation. We’re are glad to be among the 15 winners of an Innovation Award with the IONICON fastGC for PTR-TOFMS, adding near real-time chemical separation capabilities to PTR-TOFMS trace gas analyzers.

The Analytical Scientist – a multi-channel publication in analytical chemistry – launched in 2013, is already known for its appealing style and unique way to integrate all aspects of the topic. Rich Whitworth (Editor of The Analytical Scientist) said

“In our third iteration of The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards, it’s great to see that the quality of the nominations and the final 15 winners is as high as ever. Advances in analytical science have a huge impact on most other areas of science, but rarely receive the fanfare to match. We hope that the Innovation Awards not only recognize the 15 winners, but also celebrate the highly forward-facing nature of analytical science as a whole. Our 15 winners show how far we can come in just one year, and raise the benchmark yet again for coming years.”

IONICON fastGC adds near real-time chemical separation to PTR-TOFMS trace gas analyzers

A key advantage of PTR-MS is to see trace concentrations in real-time. Compared to the discrete sample analysis in GC-MS, this is like comparing classical photography to a HD movie. However even though high-resolution PTR-TOFMS systems can separate and identify isobaric compounds (same nominal mass, but different chemical composition), the separation of isomeric compounds (same chemical composition) has remained an advantage of GC-MS. This has now been overcome with the introduction of IONICON’s fastGC add-on. Being fully integrated with the analyzer, it enables performing real-time measurements and add fastGC runs at time points of interest for enhanced separation and identification.