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IONICON fastGC is the 2015 “Golden Gas Award” winner

We’re proud to receive this recognition, honoring the ability to solve an important challenge to the gas industry.

The IONICON fastGC is the winner of the Gases & Instrumentation International Magazine’s 2015 Golden Gas Award in the category Gas Chromatography.

From being G&I’s product of the month last December it took our new fastGC only a couple of months to score again.

The Golden Gas Awards are conducted by G&I each year as a tribute to the technology of gases.

The products are judged by a panel of independent technical experts not affiliated with any product or manufacturer. They rate each product on its ability to solve an important challenge to the gas industry, such as technological innovativeness, superior specifications in terms of power requirements, speed, maintenance, cost effectiveness, and other quality considerations.

2015 Golden Gas Award Winner

This year’s competition attracted more than 35 entries in 6 categories. Paul Nesdore, G&I’s Editor and Publisher stated that,

“Every year I am overwhelmed at the advances just one year brings to the gas instrumentation world. The sophistication and technical level of the products continues to increase to meet, and at times surpass, the industry requirements. Gases are such an important part of the world and these vendors contribute to the measurement and control of vital world resources.”

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