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HPZAG: new zero-air generator for LCU

With a new add-on, IONICON’s LCU has become an advanced, all-in-one calibration device for trace gas analyzers.

We at IONICON believe that trace gas calibration is an essential part to support our claim to sell highest accuracy trace gas analyzers. Thus, we have invested in developing trace calibration systems for many years. With the now released high-pressure 0-air generator add-on, IONICON’s LCU has become an advanced, all-in-one calibration device for trace gas analyzers.

The first calibration product was our Gas Calibration Unit (GCU), based on the dynamic mixing of a gas standard with 0-air produced by the system. In 2012 a novel type of calibration system has been introduced: IONICON’s Liquid Calibration Unit (LCU) nebulizes and efficiently evaporates aqueous standards into a gas stream. This has the advantage of mixing own standards using an extensive range of compounds. In addition, the LCU can also be equipped with a passivated mass-flow controller to admix calibration standards. From a technical point of view, the LCU offers all advantages of the GCU in addition to its novel evaporation mechanism for aqueous standards. Practically however, for many our customers the capability to produce 0-air at zero costs has been an additional advantage of the GCU, which is not a built-in capability of the small and lightweight LCU series.

IONICON has now introduced a High-Pressure Zero-Air Generator (HPZAG) to the market. This device contains a catalytic converter to scrub the air of VOC contamination and a small but powerful pump that produces the high pressure needed to supply the evaporation mechanism in the LCU.  The economic device saves the expenses for bottled clean air or nitrogen supply. This add-on to the IONICON LCU series now completes the LCU to be a full, stand-alone calibration solution.

HPZAG schematic drawing