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PTR-MS for indoor air quality monitoring

A new review article discusses important applications of IONICON PTR-MS systems in indoor air quality monitoring.

Many sources of airborne contamination e.g. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) influence on the quality of indoor air. These substances are emitted by household products, electronics such as computers, printers or TVs,  construction materials, wall-paints, carpets, and furniture.  Many of which are known to affect human health or at least to cause unpleasant odors. They can be present in high concentrations due to insufficient ventilation inside closed spaces such as e.g. buildings, offices etc. but also cars and aircraft cabins. Chemical contamination of indoor air is a contributing factor to the so called “Sick Building Syndrome“.

IONICON PTR-MS is an excellent tool for assessing the concentration of indoor air VOCs, providing real-time quantitative results from very low levels (sub-pptv) to high concentrations (ppmv and above).

A new article by S. Schripp et al. discusses various scenarios, sources of contamination and their impact on the indoor air quality. The team of Fraunhofer WKI, Braunschweig, Germany, and IONICON described five applications of PTR-MS in Indoor Air:

  • Release studies of triethylamine in water-based white paints
  • Volatiles emitted by a laser printer during operation (monitoring of styrene and benzaldehyde)
  • Diffusion of toluene through a gypsum board
  • Emission of toluene from NIST reference foils as part of a round robin test
  • Using the high-resolution IONICON PTR-TOF 8000 system: Steady-state emission of volatile compounds from an oriented strand board

We recommend a very good summary of the paper by Steve Down,