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PTR-MS at the Breath2013

The BREATH2013, the summit of the International Association for Breath Research (IABR), has taken place between 9-12 June 2013 in Saarbrucken/Wallerfangen, Germany.

During the conference and in the adjacent satellite workshops around 170 participants have presented their latest results. IONICON, as a company with active research in breath gas analysis, has contributed an invited talk on the latest developments in PTR-technology and a poster on the new trace gas calibration system LCU.

Due to its real-time capabilities and the high sensitivity, PTR-instruments have become standard tools for breath research. This was reflected in several other presentations where the Ionicon PTR-TOF-MS  instruments were employed.

The BREATH2013 hosted several satellite workshops on the main technologies used for breath research. In the PTR-MS workshop, organized by Dr. Jens Herbig from IONICON, several experts have been invited to present the basic concepts behind PTR-technology and their application in medical research. In the workshop of the EU project LCAOS (Lung Cancer Detection with an Artificial Olfactory System) results on lung cancer detection with PTR-MS were discussed.

The growing interest in real-time breath analysis has culminated in the development of the IONICON BETmed add-on, a Buffered End-Tidal-Breath Sampler, which has recently been approved for clinical use (CE – ISO 60601). This add-on, compatible with all PTR-MS instruments, allows breath analysis on patients with full compliance with clinical requirements.