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New IONICON website

Welcome the new!

Our presence in the world wide web has always been important for us and we consider it the interface of interaction with you and all interested surfers on the web. Our first website revision dates back to 2002.

In 2006 we created the you have been used to for many years. It was engineered completely in-house. In 2010 we moved from to and launched the IONICON blog – the site you’re on now.

In summer 2012 we decided to create a new web presence and this time we wanted to go real pro. And we did: over the last couple of months we were creating, feeding and polishing our new website.

Now we proudly present our brand new

A professional crew has been working hard to accomplish what we had in mind and to get the new Drupal CMS system, that is now under the hood, to do what we want it to. There are many features like a literature database with sophisticated filter and search functions, a new search engine providing live-results throughout the whole website and a small but nice call-back ribbon at the right side of each page.

The navigation is a class of its own. Put your mouse cursor over the glowing orange navigation button at the top of the page and experience the new IONICON world…

We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.