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Live demonstrations at Pittcon 2013 – a huge interest in IONICON PTR-MS

Visitors were curious to test their breath in real-time and get some insight on the air they inhale at the show floor

Pittcon 2013 took place in Philadelphia for the very first time and attracted  more than 18,000 attendees, 1,011 exhibiting companies from 28 countries and of course also us. We at IONICON showcased our most recent products such as the Liquid Calibration Unit (LCU), the IONIMED BET-med breath sampling inlet, and a full range of  Trace Gas Analyzers based on PTR-MS and SRI-MS technology.

We feel that a live demonstration of our PTR-MS instruments is the best way to show their outstanding capabilities. Many visitors were attracted by the chance of doing real-time breath analysis and experienced the benefits of a quantitative and fast response, having a PTR-QMS 300 instrument connected to a special BET-med breath sampling inlet.

The BET-med is our newly developed medical breath sampler, certified for clinical use. Particularly interesting ion traces and patterns were picked to show several metabolic compounds, flavor compounds, exposure to cigarette smoke, sports or even alcohol that can be traced in the exhaled breath.

We also performed scans of the air quality of  room-air in the convention center hall. For this purpose we scanned over the whole mass range of the PTR-QMS 300 and found high concentrations of VOCs typically emitted from exhibits, carpets, food smell and many more.

A total of 5 posters were presented by our scientists where results from our internal or collaborative research were shown.  

We look forward to meeting you soon at one of the next events. Maybe already next week, at the 245th ACS National Meeting & Exposition…