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Community based and commercial third party PTR-TOFMS software packages

“PTR-TOF Data Analyzer”, “Tofware” and “Auto-Thuner”

We as instrument manufacturer invest substantial resources in the software of our systems, but also the community and our suppliers have been actively developing dedicated software packages. We’re glad that this variety of data processing but also tuning solutions is now available to our customers.

I would like to give PTR-TOF-MS instrument users a brief overview of selected third party software packages for IONICON PTR-TOF 8000 and PTR-TOF 2000 instruments:

Free of charge for academic purposes but quite a powerful tool, I recommend you to check out the community software PTR-TOF Data Analyzer. A  quick start guide including a comprehensive video tutorial is available on the page. It is supported by the independent PTR-TOF Community Wiki which is a valuable resource for PTR-TOFMS users in general.

Now also available, exclusively from IONICON for PTR-TOF 8000 and PTR-TOF 2000 customers:

  • Tofware post-processing for PTR-TOF and
  • “Auto-Thuner” tuning software for TPS

If you are interested in available licensing options, please contact us.

In my next post you will get updates on our new IONICON PTR-MS Viewer 3.1 release that is coming up very soon. Stay tuned!