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Successful PIMMS kick-off meeting at IONICON’s headquarter

On June 11 & 12 the project partners of the PIMMS-ITN project gathered in Innsbruck sharing their enthusiasm for a common goal under EU’s FP7 framework.

Within the FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network (FP7-PEOPLE-2011-ITN) called “Proton Ionization Molecular Mass Spectrometry – PIMMS” a network of renowned institutions will host 15 young researchers (ESRs) and train them on various aspects of the PTR-MS technology. This will be an important step for the carriers of 15 selected young scientists and will help further disseminating the benefits of PTR-MS technology. I am glad that IONICON has an active role in this project and the first ESR participating in the training network will soon become part of the IONICON team in Innsbruck. The training network offers interesting perspectives to the ESRs and will help them to advancing their carriers as an integral part of the training will take place at partner institutions all over Europe.

PIMMS is a multidisciplinary and intersectoral analytical chemistry ITN with the objective to train 15 ESRs within a collaborative academic and commercial challenging analytical research network involving 12 full-partners and four associate partners, and with the aim of delivering research through five interlinking themes: fundamental research and development; food sciences, environmental sciences, health sciences, and homeland security. The research training is focused on the conduct of internationally leading analytical research projects which, whilst centered upon the development and adoption of PTR-MS as an analytical tool, will provide training across a wide variety of analytical technologies that are complementary to PTR-MS, thereby providing a broad interdisciplinary and intersectoral experience in analytical chemistry.