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Overview Article on Biotech and Medical Applications

After several years of intense research in close collaboration international partners from both, medical research and biopharmaceutical companies, Ionimed Analytik has released an overview articel, summarizing this work.

This technical article Applications of PTR-MS in Medicine and Biotechnology has been published in American Laboratory (Tuesday, June 14, 2011).

In general this article covers the measurement of VOCs in biological systems with PTR-MS. Both microorganisms and cells, e.g., in the human body, constantly produce a large variety of organic metabolites; a large fraction of those are volatile. Analyzing the VOCs in human breath delivers information about the status of the body. In a similar manner, monitoring the off-gas of fermentations in the biopharmaceutical industry allows microbial activity to be gauged. Moreover, also inorganic species can often be found in biological samples, such as Siloxanes and H2S in biogas. This article summarizes all these different applications.