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AMC-Monitor C-1000

Real-Time Parallel Detection of Multiple VOC Contamination in Air

We, in this case artemis control AG, Switzerland being our exclusive partner and IONICON, are proud to present the new AMC-Monitor to you:

The AMC-Monitor C-1000 is the first on-line and real-time equipment capable to monitor various organic constituents in parallel in gas and air.

Developped jointly in a cooperative project together with artemis control,  the AMC-Monitor C-1000 is establishing a new standard in the detection of dynamic contamination levels in process environments.

Monitoring and Detection of short-term spills and leckages 24 hours a day are the basis for tracking process conditions and even enable alert situations. Moreover the ongoing documentation of permanently pure operation conditions at precious process tools is at hand.

The AMC-Monitor C-1000 is adaptable to different monitoring tasks fast and easily by different application libraries that can be loaded to the instrument.

Read more about the product and its capabilities here.