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Aarhus University

2x High-Sensitivity PTR-MS, PTR-TOF 4000

Affiliation: Aarhus University, Denmark
IONICON instrument: 2x High-Sensitivity PTR-MS, PTR-TOF 4000


Contact person: Dr. Anders Feilberg

Why is an IONICON PTR-MS very well suited for your measurement tasks?

The PTR-MS instrument provide us with unique opportunities to investigate dynamic mass transfer processes at low concentrations for a relatively complex chemical composition. We have obtained very useful results related to e.g. emissions of odorous VOC from livestock production and biological air filtration of VOC.

Dr. Feilberg

Most relevant scientific papers and conference presentations:

Feilberg, A., Liu, D. Z., Adamsen, A. P. S., Hansen, M. J., and Jonassen, K. E. N. (2010) Odorant Emissions from Intensive Pig Production Measured by Online Proton-Transfer-Reaction Mass Spectrometry. Environmental Science & Technology 44:5894-5900.