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The 9th International PTR-MS Conference, Seefeld, Austria

First event in 5 years attracted close to 100 participants

5 years after the last PTR-MS community event, the 9th International PTR-MS Conference was held at the beginning of 2024. More than 20 years after the first PTR-MS Conference organized by the Institute of Ion Physics of the University of Innsbruck and sponsored by IONICON, the PTR-MS community gathered again. We're glad that this must-attend event for PTR-MS users returned after the pandemic years and this time it was held in Seefeld, Tirol, Austria. 

5 years is a long time where many innovations were introduced to the market and adopted by scientists from all over the world who were sharing their results with peers. Moreover, our success in industrial markets during the last couple of years also attracted colleagues working in the semiconductor and related industries. The conference evolved towards Time of Flight mass spectrometry based PTR-MS instruments and covered classic but also emerging applications such as Environmental Research, Food & Flavor Science, Health & Breath Analysis, Future Trends and Industrial Applications.

The 9th International PTR-MS Conference in 2024, Seefeld, Austria.

In early 2024, directly before our hands-on PTR-MS training seminar, the 9th International PTR-MS Conference attracted close to 100 participants to Seefeld, Austria. Around 50 talks in 5 sessions were presented incl. one session dedicated to industrial VOC monitoring applications. In addition, a new flash-talks format was introduced to give room for more presentations in front of the plenum. Attendees from all over the world who contributed their work in oral- as well as two poster-sessions, made this an exciting science forum.

As a proud sponsor of the PTR-MS conference series we were showcasing our new FUSION PTR-TOF 10k and presented lots of innovative products as talks and posters.

We are glad that the organizers could attract such a diverse spectrum of IONICON instrument related work to be presented and discussed close to our hometown, the home of PTR-MS.

A FUSION PTR-TOF ready for live demos at the PTR-MS Conference