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[1765] Peinado, I.., M.. Mason, A.. Romano, F.. Biasioli, and M.. Scampicchio, "Stability of beta-carotene in polyethylene oxide electrospun nanofibers", Applied Surface Science, vol. 370, pp. 111–116, May, 2016.
<p>b-carotene (bc) was successfully incorporated into electrospun nanofibers of poly-(ethylene oxide) (PEO)with the aim of prolonging its shelf life and thermal stability. The physical and thermal properties of the bc-PEO-nanofibers were determined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), color analysis, and differ-ential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The nanofibers of PEO and bc-PEO exhibited average fiber diameters of320 &plusmn; 46 and 230 &plusmn; 21 nm, with colorimetric coordinates L* = 95.7 &plusmn; 2.4 and 89.4 &plusmn; 4.6 and b* = &minus;0.5 &plusmn; 0.1and 6.2 &plusmn; 3.0 respectively. Thermogravimetric analysis coupled with Proton Transfer&ndash;Mass Spectroscopy(TGA/PTR-MS) demonstrated that coated bc inside PEO nanofibers increased thermal stability when compared to standard bc in powder form. In addition, b-carotene in the membranes showed higher stabilityduring storage when compared with b-carotene in solution with a decrease in concentration of 57 &plusmn; 4%and 70 &plusmn; 2% respectively, thus should extend the shelf life of this compound. Also, TGA coupled withPTR&ndash;MS resulted in a promising technique to online-monitoring thermal degradation.</p>

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W. Lindinger, A. Hansel, A. Jordan: Proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometry (PTR–MS): on-line monitoring of volatile organic compounds at pptv levels, Chem. Soc. Rev. 27 (1998), 347-375.


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