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Instrument Calibration Systems
Our Trace Calibration Product Range

Precise calibration is essential for most analytical instruments. We offer systems that provide controlled amounts of calibration gas, zero air or even standards from evaporated liquids. Browse our range of LCU systems.

Accurate TOF mass-scale calibration by adding tracer masses with IONICON’s PerMaSCal.

The mass-scale calibration of a TOF analyzer relies on peaks of known mass and constant intensity in the spectrum. Built-into your PTR-TOF, IONICON’s PerMaSCal uses permeation to add a non-toxic tracer compound to your analysis, providing peaks of constant intensity at high m/z – ideal for reliable and accurate mass-scale calibration.

Versatile Trace Gas Calibration by Evaporation of Liquid Calibration Standards.

The IONICON Liquid Calibration Unit (LCU) evaporates aqueous standards into a gas stream, resulting in a gas flow containing compounds at defined trace concentrations. This gas can be used for calibration of trace gas analyzers over an extensive range of compounds and concentrations.