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Custom Built Solutions

Analytical instrumentation developed by our engineers according to your needs.

We have experience in developing individual PTR-MS solutions for more than 15 years. Take advantage from our engineering know-how.

The Solution for Automated Industrial VOC Monitoring

Ionicon Analytik offers customized VOC monitoring solutions for industrial process monitoring. We combine the advantages of our technology with an easy-to-use interface and an automated system software in order to create robust automated VOC analysers for industrial production sites.

The all-in-one analyzer for FOUP, Fab and clean-room environment AMC monitoring in the semiconductor industry

Versatile real-time monitoring in all relevant semiconductor AMC monitoring applications. Extremely sensitive for VOCs and with very high time-resolution the IONICON AMC-Monitor series is the clean-room VOC monitoring benchmark.

Industrial Monitoring Software for PTR-MS

IONICON's AME software is a framework to set up PTR-MS for monitoring of a complex set of compounds by automating measurement, data evaluation, and visualization. A pattern-matching algorithm combined with a compound library greatly enhances compound selectivity and specificity. Together with a simple front-end and data interface to industrial systems, a PTR-MS running AME becomes the ideal industrial VOC monitor.