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Automated Measurement and Evaluation
Industrial Monitoring Software for PTR-MS
  • Automated Measurement and Evaluation
  • Enhanced Specificity 
  • Industrial monitoring solution


Automated Measurement and Evaluation (AME) software

IONICON's AME software is a framework to set up PTR-MS for monitoring of a complex set of compounds by Automating Measurement, data Evaluation, and visualization. 
PTR-MS Pre-cursor ion (SRI) and energy (E/N) variationBy acquiring data in different ionization modes, additional information can be gathered from one sample. By changing the pre-cursor ions from H3O+ to O2+, additional compounds can be ionized, or different product ions are produced when switching to e.g. NO+. In addition the energy (E/N) in the ionization process can be modulated in order to suppress or increase fragmentation behaviour of molecules. This unique feature of PTR-MS, is particularly useful to separate isomers, since different product ion ratios can be obtained, which provide highly compound specific information. The AME software automates this process and can aggregate data from more than 8 different modes. 
Combining and processing the entire information of all modes, is one of the key features of the AME software. In addition to data averaging and background correction, a pattern-matching algorithm combined with a compound library greatly enhances compound separation and specificity. This is especially important to prevent interference to guarantee accurate quantification and unambiguous identification of pre-defined substance sets in complex samples.  
With the comprehensive information gathered by a PTR-TOF, various summarized VOC signals can be computed at no expense, such as Total VOC signals, separate for different weight ranges. This is virtually impossible for quadrupole-based MS systems.
AME software - simple user interfaceAll this know-how by IONICON experts is packaged in pre-programmed measurement recipes that can be easily activated by the user. The simple front-end for operation and data visualization in combination with interfaces to industrial systems, constitutes an ideal industrial VOC monitor. 

Case Study: AMC-Monitor

A prominent example of an IONICON solution for automated trace gas monitoring with the AME software, is the semiconductor industry. We developed a fully integrated system for detection of airborne molecular contamination (AMC) in cleanrooms and processes of wafer production, handling and transport. Learn more...