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Instrument Upgrades

Instrument Upgrades
Enhance your experience with custom upgrades for your instrument!

Upgrade your system for more sensitivity, Selective Reagent Ions and more beneficial features.

ION-BOOSTER funnel upgrade

Expect up to 10x more sensitivity thanks to the revolutionary new ION-BOOSTER funnel!

For us, customer satisfaction and a sustainable, reliable product development process is key. We make sure that new technologies become available also for our existing customer base. For selected IONICON instruments upgrades to the ION-BOOSTER funnel technology will become available. Currently upgrade packages are available for the PTR-TOF 1000/2000/8000 series.

Get in touch with us to evaluate you instruments’ upgrade potential!

SRI/SRI+ upgrade for existing PTR-MS systems

Would you like to use selective reagent ions (SRI) with your PTR-MS?
Upgrade packages for NO+ or O2+ and Kr+ or Xe+as additional precursor ions are available for most PTR-MS types.

*Availability of upgrades are subject to technical feasibility and depending on existing PTR-MS system configuration.

Standard PTR-MS to High-Sensitivity PTR-MS

You use a Standard PTR-MS and want more sensitivity?
We can upgrade your Standard PTR-MS to a High-Sensitvity PTR-MS for you.