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High-Sensitivity PTR-QMS 500

Ultra Sensitive online VOC detector - limit of detection < 1 pptv
Ultra Sensitive online VOC detector - limit of detection < 1 pptv
  • Market-leading ultra low online detection limit 
  • < 1 pptv
  • Real-time VOC quantification
  • Soft ionization technique - low fragmentation
  • Fast and direct sample injection

The High-Sensitivity PTR-QMS 500 was the most sensitive commercial PTR-QMS instrument available in the market. Its predecessor - the world's bestselling PTR-QMS series, IONICON's High-Sensitivity PTR-MS - is in use all over the world in more than 100 places.

This modern icon has been discontinued in favor of the more powerful, more versatile and nowadays bestselling PTR-TOFMS series.

Have you ever considered a PTR-MS featuring a time-of-flight mass spectrometer instead of a quadrupole mass filter? Enjoy all the additional benefits of a PTR-TOFMS for a lower price than you expect!

Our most affordable PTR-TOFMS, the PTR-TOF 1000, has a price even lower than high-end quadrupole PTR-MS, but has all the advantages only powerful time of flight based solutions offer:

  • the entire mass range in split-seconds - no selection of masses - no waiting
  • faster and more sensitive for complex mixtures and
  • high mass resolution for better separation and identification.

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