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Testimonials from our customers and PTR-MS users

Leading atmospheric chemistry research institutions all over the world are using Ionicon Analytik PTR-MS systems (for references please check our publication list). They perform extraordinary research in the most abandoned locations like Antarctica, Arctic or the Mauna Loa etc., looking at atmospheric trace gases, thus expecting us to provide the best online detection limit of all real-time technologies. This has become a part of our mission.


In a large customer and user survey taking place in summer 2007* we contacted all customers and known PTR-MS users to ask them about what they think of our performance.

We invite you to find out what PTR-MS users said when we asked the two following questions:


Why do you use PTR-MS for this task?

Would you recommend PTR-MS to others? Why?


Some replies of our customers:

  • “The range of compounds and the fast response times make the PTR-MS an ideal instrument”
  • “The instrument is reliable and the support that comes with it is excellent.”
  • “Because of the high sensitivity and the fast time response of PTR-MS.”
  • “PTR-MS is a really versatile tool in environmental research.”
  • “Time response and sensitivity”
  • “It would depend on the application, but PTR-MS is currently the only real time VOC method available with sufficient sensitivity and reliability to take into the field.”
  • “it is a very fast analysis and good sensitivity”
  • “sensitivity and speed of analysis”
  • “the ability to do real-time measurements and the possibility to do a fast screening”
  • “because it is fast and offers new ways to study biological systems”
  • “To measure foods volatile composition so a more comprehensive understanding of the sensory qualities of food flavour can be achieved.”
  • “PTR-MS provides a fast reproducible response.“
  • “we want the film and not only the picture of the biological and atmospheric processes. Also the whole range of VOCs”
  • “for the continuous on-line monitoring”
  • “high sensitivity to required products”
  • “high sensitivity to certain compounds and reliable”
  • “wide range of compounds which can be measured, fast response, precision”
  • “Relatively robust”
  • “For it's very low limit of detection (LoD ~ 5 ppt) of VOCs which is necessary for ambient monitoring and trying to identify the potential source/s of the detected VOCs. Continuous monitoring of the air enables temporal resolution of air contamination events and allows characterisation of the ambient air in specific localities.”
  • “Because of the capability to analyze flavour compounds during eating, chewing and drinking of food and beverages in real time.”
  • “Because it is sensitive, robust and well suited for real time measurements”
  • “for its sensitivity and its fastness”
  • “Because it allows in vivo fast monitoring&detection of VOC compounds with high sensibility”
  • “PTR-MS can measure VOCs in nearly real time with high sensitivity.”
  • “PTR-MS has very high sensitivity of detection, is easy to use, and has a much broader range of application.”
  • “velocity and preservation of the sample that can be used for further analyses”
  • “it depends on the application: for real time monitoring or for absolute quantification of specific compounds absolutely yes”
  • “Fast, sensitive and able to measure the isotopes.”
  • “Because we need the fast response time which other sensors do not allow”
  • “easy to handle, good sensitivity”
  • “Generally competent support for technical problems”
  • “It is excellent for a wide range, and trace levels of VOC's”
  • “Very fast response time, good sensitivity, less data treatment than GC for recovery of change in headspace profile over time”
  • “high sensitivity and large number of VOC species detected”
  • “compact masspec”
  • “because is an online measurement and you can identify a high range of masses”
  • “Monitoring on-line of aroma compounds”
  • “Fast, stable and reproducible machine. Good range linearity and no cross-artefact with major compound analysed.”
  • “high sensitivity, low fragmentation of target molecules, high reproducibility of results”

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*The survey was started 15/07/07. Questionnaires were sent to 197 people. 40 filled-out questionnaires were returned until 08/08/07.