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Sensitivity and LoD

PTR-QMS Performance Data

Market-leading online detection limits for VOCs reaching ppqv-level with ULTRA-PURE ion source.

The best available detection limits for online trace gas analysis now also with H3O+, NO+ and O2+ as precursor ions.

PTR-QMS series Sensitivity and Detection Limits

We continously improve our technology and are proud to share unmatched detection limits approaching ppqv-level (parts per quadrillion) and highest possible reagent ion intensities with you.

IONICON PTR-MS instruments are trusted by scientists all over the world for more than a decade with good reason. Unlike other technologies PTR-MS is delivering real single-digit pptv-level sensitivity for most VOCs.

The following examples were recorded with a new, off-the-shelve, IONICON High-Sensitivity PTR-MS. The following graphs illustrate that even sub-pptv concentrations are possible and realistic with an IONICON High-Sensitivity PTR-MS. The new IONICON ULTRA-PURE ion source now delivers up to 60 times higher reagent ion yields than generally are acknowledged for PTR-MS technology in recent literature(1). (Click on graphs to enlarge)

Typical IONICON Reagent Ion Yields

Reagent Ion Yield/Sensitivities Evolution

LoD measurement with H3O+ as reagent ion

LoD measurement with NO+ as reagent ion

30s integration time LoD measurement

180s integration time LoD measurement

IONICON PTR-MS Detection Limit Evolution


Ultra low detection limits in the sub-pptv region are now also possible with our PTR-TOFMS series! Follow this link to learn more about high-sensitivity and an incredible mass resolution on our PTR-TOF-MS Performance Data & Publications page.


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