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Essentials of an IONICON PTR-MS

Important Ion Chemistry Quality Dimensions

The 4 essential cornerstones that determine an IONICON-grade PTR-MS ion chemistry quality

Essentials of an IONICON-grade PTR-MS

When you see the abbreviation "PTR-MS" you expect an IONICON-grade instrument and trust in our renowned product quality. After all, more than 400 IONICON PTR-MS instruments yielded hundreds of high-impact papers and allowed gaining insights in various science domains. But, what determines a real IONICON-grade PTR-MS and how does it compare to other CIMS technologies that sometimes are also claimed to be "PTR-MS"?

With our expertise and experience in ion chemistry, ion molecule reactions and mass spectrometers we compiled a grid of 4 major factors that we consider the fundamental quality cornerstones of a real PTR-MS. A technology only available from IONICON.

Watch our webinar and learn more about the quality dimensions that determine a real PTR-MS:

Ultra-Pure Ionization

Our ultra-pure ionization technique combines the production of clean primary ion signals with IONICON's homogeneous and fully controllable ion-molecule reaction chamber. Therefore only IONICON PTR-MS allow for measuring of complex mixtures of VOCs without significant artifacts.

Soft Ion-Extraction

IONICON's Ion-Booster and Hexapole Ion-Guide significantly increase sensitivities and at the same time don't affect ionization and extraction conditions into the TOF-MS. IONICON PTR-TOF comes with patented ion-chemistry quality and the TRU-E/N™ technology.

Quantitative Results

IONICON-grade PTR-MS offer a predictable instrumental response function. Combined with our ultra-pure ionization and soft ion-extraction, we can therefore quantify uncalibrated VOCs simply based on reaction rate constants.

Real-Time Response

As the "gold standard" for real-time response, the IONICON PTR-MS technology offers sub-second response times of most organic compounds in the VOC and IVOC range. IONICON's exclusive CHARON particle inlet even extends the real time response to condensed SVOCs and LVOCs.