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PRL - Physical Research Laboratory, India

PTR-TOF 8000

Affiliation: PRL - Physical Research Laboratory, India

IONICON instrument: PTR-TOF 8000

Contact Person: Dr. Lokesh Kumar Sahu, Space and Atmospheric Sciences Division

“Why is an IONICON PTR-MS very well suited for your measurement tasks?”

Dr. Sahu told us: "Measurements of VOCs are extremely rare in the tropical region of Asia. In India a variety of sources such as anthropogenic, biomass burning, biogenic and photochemical sources contribute to the budget of VOCs. In tropics, the fast response time measurements of VOCs are required to understand the rapid photochemical formation of ozone and secondary organic aerosols. In India, the PTR-TOF-MS based measurement is particularly crucial to understand the tropical photochemistry. The high time and mass resolved measurements of VOCs using PTR-TOF-MS will be important to estimate the emissions flux from terrestrial vegetation and surrounding oceanic regions of India.  In a recently published paper (Sahu and Saxena, 2015), the PTR-TOF-MS based measurements at Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad  have been used to study the impact of anthropogenic, biomass burning, biogenic and photochemical sources in a typical urban environment of India. This is the first PTR-TOF-MS based results in India under the leadership of Dr. Lokesh Kumar Sahu from PRL, Ahmedabad, India."