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Max Planck Institute for Chemistry

PTR-TOF 4000

Affiliation: Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Germany

IONICON instrument: PTR-TOF 4000

Contact person: Dr. Achim Edtbauer

“Why is an IONICON PTR-MS very well suited for your measurement tasks?”

Dr. Edtbauer told us: "We are studying VOCs and their chemistry in the atmosphere. These VOCs from various sources are often present in very low concentrations therefore we need an instrument with a low detection limit. One important part of our research is the biosphere atmosphere interaction. We measure e.g. plants emissions. Plants emit a wide variety of VOCs which demands an analyzer able to cover a broad mass range in a short period of time. The IONICON PTR-TOF 4000 allows for simultaneous measurements of many VOCs with high sensitivity at high temporal resolution."