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AgroParisTech / UMR GMPA INRA

High-Sensitivity PTR-MS

Affiliation: AgroParisTech/UMR GMPA INRA

IONICON instrument: High-Sensitivity PTR-MS

Contact person: Dr. Isabelle Déléris

Research Scientist


"Why is an IONICON PTR-MS very well suited for your measurement tasks?”

Dr. Déléris told us: "We use the PTR-MS instrument for both in vitro and in vivo measurements.  It constitues an very useful tool to characterize the dynamics of aroma release and to better understand  what are the main parameters influencing aroma release, taking product properties and individual physiology into account. It can constitute a first step in better understanding the dynamics of perception."

Most important scientific article:

I. DELERIS, A. SAINT-EVE, F. DAKOWSKI, E. SEMON, J.L. LE QUERE, H. GUILLEMIN, I. SOUCHON (2011). The dynamics of aroma release during the consumption of candies with different structures. Relationship with temporal perception, Food Chemistry, 127, 1615-1624.