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EFRE K-Regio 2018-8
Entwicklung von hochselektiven Methoden, Prozessen und industrietauglichen Analysegeräten zur Detektion winziger Verunreinigungen von Reinstgasen
Training the experts of tomorrow
IONICON is training Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) and supports them throughout their PhD studies and beyond. We see it as our responsibility to pass on knowledge to a young generation of scientists and to bring the skills of Experienced Researchers (ERs) to perfection.
Implementing PTR-MS for Bioprocess Monitoring
PTR-MS offers new opportunities for monitoring of biotechnological processes. In research projects with academic and industrial partners, we have developed a PTR-MS solution for bioprocess monitoring.
IONICON – partner in medical research projects
IONICON is a respected partner in several medical research projects. Years of expertise have brought us valuable expertise, which is reflected in our product development.
Research and Development in Safety and Security
Ultra-high sensitivity of several hundred cps/ppbv, detection limits down to the sub-pptv region and multi-dimensional selectivity (high mass resolution, E/N dependent branching ratios, selective reagent ionization) make PTR-MS the ideal tool for the detection of threat agents.

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