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IONICON PTR-MS Customer and User Survey 2007

The Results

In a large customer and user survey taking place in summer 2007* we contacted all customers and known PTR-MS users to ask them about what they think of our performance.

Our customers are "very satisfied" with our support

The vast majority of responses to the most important question "How satisfied are you in general with the support?" was "very satisfied". See below:

We want to thank our customer for their trust in IONICON Analytik and the participants of the survey for their effort and valuable suggestions! Be assured that we will continue to serve you as best as we can and that we are constantly striving to improve our customer satisfaction.

Click here for some testimonials of our customers.

*The survey was started 15/07/07. Questionnaires were sent to 197 people. 40 filled-out questionnaires were returned until 08/08/07 and all of them were taken into account for this graph.