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Spectrometry for Security Applications

10. - 13. February 2019, Dornbirn, Austria

Spectrometry for Security Applications – First International Workshop

Spectrometry for Security Applications – First International Workshop

Mass Spectrometry is also increasingly being deployed in the field as technological and engineering solutions emerge to meet MS system requirements, such as robust, low power vacuum pumps. Ionisation is key to both detection and analysis methods, and advances in the use of non-radioactive sources for production of reagent ions and in ambient ionisation for MS have reduced the logistic and regulatory burden and increased applications in the security arena.
Following two very successful one-day workshops at the University of Birmingham in 2015 and 2016, this first International Workshop, organized by the Chemical Sciences Security Group (CSSG) of the Royal Society of Chemistry, the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), and the Institut für Atemgasanalytik at the University of Innsbruck, will bring together scientists and technologists from academia, industry and government in an informal setting to network and share recent advances in areas such as PTR-MS and related technologies for security applications. The aim is to facilitate closer collaboration in this field and improve the exploitation of novel concepts.