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PTR-MS Conference 2019

The PTR-MS community meets in Innsbruck - hometown of PTR-MS

8th International PTR-MS Conference

PTR-MS has been found to be an extremely powerful and promising technology for in-situ detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at trace levels (pptv).
Today newest instruments reach limits of detection in the ppq range monitoring also semi volatile and even non-volatile compounds.
At the upcoming PTR-MS conference active scientists and technology experts will meet to discuss newest research & technology in environmental -, life -, and food science.


The 8th International Conference on Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry and its Applications will take place in Innsbruck from February 4th to 8th 2019, directly after "hands-on PTR-MS" 2019.
The last International PTR-MS Conference was in 2016. See the 2016 conference contributions and get excited!


Hotel Grauer Bär, Universitätsstrasse 5-7, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria (directions).


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Don't miss this excellent opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world, get to know the IONICON team and experience an exciting program full of expert advise in a relaxed atmosphere. Combine the 8th International PTR-MS Conference with "hands-on PTR-MS" 2019, February 1-4, 2019.