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Free 2-Day PTR-MS Workshop

10. - 11. March 2014, Pasco, WA

Join RJ Lee Group and IONICON for a free 2-day workshop that will focus on the latest Proton Transfer Reaction - Mass Spectrometer technologies, techniques, and applications for air, breath, and gas monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Air, Breath, and Gas Monitoring for Volatile Organic Compounds

This workshop will:

  • Present the latest PTR technologies including new IONICON products,
  • Share the latest work on breath analysis, explosives detection, atmospheric science, and environmental monitoring and agricultural applications,
  • Provide a forum for lively open discussions on technical and logistical application issues, funding opportunities, collaborations, and fundamental scientific issues in this field.


Application Case Studies:

  • PTR-MS Time of Flight (TOF) for detection of explosive compounds, designer drugs and breath analysis
  • Interfacing with other techniques, e.g., GC-MS, HPLC,
  • Mobile platforms for field applications
  • Monitoring Pesticide Drift of MITC from agricultural fields
  • Air Monitoring of Hanford Nuclear Tanks
  • Monitoring for TCE at the ASU Sun Devil’s Experimental House in Utah
  • Visualization of data for effective presentation and customer needs
  • Monitoring of photoionized constituents in the atmosphere
  • Software development, interfacing and future needs


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