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03 October 2018
"insights from industry" interview of IONICON CEO Lukas Maerk, at
Ionicon, the past, present and future for PTR-MS

20 July 2018
IONICON celebrates 20th Anniversary
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18 December 2017
CHARON particle inlet for PTR-TOFMS wins 2017 innovation award
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24 October 2017
IONICON presents the new CHARON aerosol inlet for PTR-TOFMS
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20 July 2017
IONICON launches AMC-Monitor T-1000 for the semiconductor industry
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25 April 2017
IONICON presents the revolutionary PTR-TOF 6000 X2 trace gas analyzer
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Archive - 2016

29 November 2016
IONICON launches new high-resolution PTR-TOF 4000 trace gas analyzer
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07 October 2016
IONICON celebrates historic milestone: 300 PTR-MS instruments sold
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20 June 2016
NASA campaign KORUS-AQ: IONICON PTR-TOF to monitor VOCs above Korea
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22 April 2016
IONICON launches Autosampler for high-throughput PTR-MS measurements
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24 February 2016
IONICON presents the new PTR-TOF 1000 ultra trace gas analyzer
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Archive - 2015

3 September 2015
Research alliance for e-cigarette aerosol analytics with Fontem Ventures
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19 August 2015
PTR-MS breath test shows potential for detecting liver disease
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17 August 2015
Highly recommended by the EU: The Proton Ionization Molecular Mass Spectrometry project “PIMMS”
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4 March 2015
IONICON fastGC is the 2015 “Golden Gas Award” winner
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23 January 2015
New Additions to IONICON Trace Gas Analyzer Series to be showcased at Pittcon 2015
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Archive - 2014

4 December 2014
Fast GC add-on for IONICON PTR-TOF instruments
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4 June 2014
IONICON launches the new ultra-sensitive PTR-QiTOF trace VOC analyzer
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18 February 2014
IONICON launches the new super-fast PTR-TOF 1000 trace gas analyzer
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21 January 2014
IONICON PTR-MS (Proton transfer Reaction – Mass Spectrometry) system monitors GMP biotech processes.
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Archive - 2013

9 October 2013
PTR-TOF technology contributes to CLOUD experiment at CERN. Scientists publish new results concerning cloud formation in „Nature“.
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14 July 2013
Today, we are celebrating our 15th anniversary and 15 years of PTR-MS Community thanks to your ongoing trust and support.
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27 June 2013
IONICON appoints U.S. Distributor: RJ Lee Group will be the first domestic distributor providing sales, service, training and application support.
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24 May 2013
"We are now one - IONICON"
Merger of IONIMED with IONICON – benefit from the best of both worlds! One integrated IONICON team will be at your service.
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24 April 2013
IONICON and the University of Innsbruck's joint PTR-TOF development wins prestigious Austrian science award "Houskapreis 2013"
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22 February 2013
Researchers on a mission for NASA use newly developed real-time trace gas analyzer from IONICON to measure air pollution in the atmosphere.
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19 February 2013
The new book of abstracts of the 6th International PTR-MS Conference is now available as a free download:
Get it here!

14 January 2013
Hands-on PTR-MS 2013, the International PTR-MS and Pittcon® are only a couple of days away.
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Archive - 2012

29 October 2012
IONICON PTR-TOF 8000 helps measuring air quality onboard Airbus aircraft.
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1 October 2012
Sign-up now for hands-on PTR-MS 2013! Available places are filling fast.
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21 August 2012
We are teaming up with Ecotech, a leading company for environmental monitoring instruments and services in Australia and New Zealand.
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03 August 2012
We were honored by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Vienna as top exporting company. Thank you!

02 July 2012
Save the dates for the next International PTR-MS Conference and IONICON hands-on PTR-MS training seminar!

26 June 2012
On June 11 & 12 the project partners of the PIMMS-ITN project gathered in Innsbruck sharing their enthusiasm at the official kick-off meeting.

21 May 2012
The annual ASMS conference takes place this week and if you are attending, you will be first to know about IONICON innovations!

27 April 2012
IONICON and Omega Scientific, a leading distributor of analytical and process instrumentation, are joining their efforts in Southeast Asia.
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08 March 2012
Have a look at our updated PTR-TOFMS series performance website and download our new PTR-TOFMS series performance white paper.

09 February 2012
Celebrate the 200th PTR-MS with us! Since 1998 we built more than 200 systems thanks to you!
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26 January 2012
Visit our new dedicated event websites for Pittcon and Analytica and get ready to experience PTR-MS live at our booth!
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Archive - 2011

01 December 2011
The ultra-sensitive PTR-QMS 500 series: a new generation of PTR-MS instruments for a new dimension of performance.
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23 November 2011
Join IONICON as a "Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher"! Have a look at this job opening and browse other current vacancies.

17 October 2011
On 29 March 2011 IONICON US, Inc. was founded to become our local sales & service point for the US market.
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25 August 2011
First results of CERN’s CLOUD experiment now published in NATURE journal. PTR-MS technology made in Austria contributes to the important results.
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23 August 2011
IONICON presents N.A.S.E., a heated device for the collection of nosespace air and direct introduction into the inlet of a PTR-MS system.

18 August 2011
IONICON scientist co-chairs the session "Detection of hazardous Material" and gives a lecture at the Future Security, Security Research Conference, 5. -7. September 2011, Berlin

21 July 2011
IONICON teams up with MARS Bioanalytical to target the Indian market and locally provide excellent customer support and service.
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08 July 2011
Lukas MÄRK who has been responsible for Marketing & Sales at IONICON since 2005, was appointed new CEO on June 1, 2011.
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10 May 2011
Visit us at the 59th ASMS Conference in Denver, June 5-9!
Get in touch with as at our booth and poster presentations.

22 March 2011
Thank you for making Pittcon® 2011 such a successful event for IONICON!
You're welcome to download our posters and presentation!

07 March 2011
Visit our booth No. 3350 at Pittcon® in Atlanta, March 14-17 and test a PTR-QMS 300 instrument!

02 February 2011
Read a short summary of the IONICON training seminar: the biennial hands-on PTR-MS broke all records in 2011 and we celebrated its 5th edition with 36 participants.

Archive - 2010

04 November 2010
Stay in touch with us at your favourite social media sites! Check out our blog, find us on Facebook and follow us on twitter!

19 August 2010
IONICON launches the new PTR-QMS 300. Discover exciting features and a new compact layout!
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5 July 2010
Sign-up now for hands-on PTR-MS 2011 and get the discounted early-bird rate!

02 June 2010
PTR-MS is starring in German TV science show. The show will be broadcasted on July 1st.
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05 May 2010
The dates for the 5th International PTR-MS Conference and hands-on PTR-MS training course are now set!
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20 April 2010
IONICON launches the new "News & Views" blog. Get connected to the latest updates concerning PTR-MS and related topics.
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04 March 2010
We'll move to our new headquarters on March 15 and have new contact details.

Archive - 2009

09 December 2009
The countdown has started: IONICON will move to a new and larger headquarter in March 2010.

7 October 2009
IONICON introduces the new PTR-TOFMS series, launching PTR-TOF 2000 and PTR-TOF 8000.
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07 September 2009
IONICON appoints Biosolutions Ltd as new distribution partner for Greece and Cyprus. Read more...

19 June 2009
IONICON PTR-MS now even with ppqv-level detection limit.
Press release: English

13 May 2009
IONICON launches PTR+SRI-MS. Switchable reagent ions for PTR-MS.
Press release: English, Deutsch

04 March 2009
Congratulations to the winners of IONICON Poster Awards at the 4th International PTR-MS Conference! Have a look at their work. Read more...

23 February 2009
Download the book of contributions to the 4th International PTR-MS Conference now! Read more...

27 January 2009
The IAPP "Marie Curie actions" project "PTR-TOF" website is now online. Learn more...

27 January 2009
Happy New Year PTR-MS community! We wish you a successful and prosperous 2009.

Archive - 2008

24 November 2008
IONICON's Philipp Sulzer was honored with the Austrian "Award of Excellence" for his PhD thesis. Read more...

09 October 2008
You have a question? We have the answer! Discover our new FAQ collection.

01 September 2008
Proton Transfer Reaction - Mass on WIKIPEDIA! Read the full article here.

01 August 2008
Kick-off for CLOUD-ITN, a multi-site network of 8 Ph.D. students and 2 post-docs at IONICON and 8 partner institutions across Europe. Learn more about this challenging international research project here.

07 July 2008
Thank you for visiting us at the 12th Weurman Flavour Research Symposium! Our poster, presentation, and brochures are available for download here.

09 June 2008
Thank you for visiting us at the 56th ASMS in Denver! Our corporate poster, presentation, and brochures are available for download here.

05 May 2008
We have updated our PTR-TOF-MS product page! Discover and download new high-resolution, high-sensitivity PTR-TOF-MS performance data and results here!

07 April 2008
ANALYTICA 2008 was a huge success for IONICON. Thank you for contributing to this event!
Review the presentation we have been showing or download brochures and factsheets here.

13 February 2008
IONICON PTR-MS tastes coffee - a major step forward in terms of correlation of sensory with instrumental results.
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16 January 2008
Visit us at ANALYTICA or ASMS! The first series of events in 2008 where you can experience PTR-MS is set and we would be glad to see you there.

Archive - 2007

25 September 2007
Dates have been fixed for the 4th PTR-MS Conference (incl. IONICON training course). Please make a note in your calendar for 14.-22. February 2009!

24 August 2007
A promising new application for PTR-Quad-MS and PTR-TOF-MS: Aircraft engine exhaust monitoring.
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20 August 2007
Our customers are "very satisfied" with the support for their Ionicon PTR-MS. Results of the Ionicon PTR-MS customer and user survey 2007 are now online.

01 June 2007
Ionicon Analytik launches the new high-resolution, high-sensitivity PTR-TOF-MS.
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