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Corporate Policy

Our mission and vision

Learn more about what we do and how we do it.

Our Mission
  • We provide trace gas analysis systems that go beyond standard mass spectrometry.
  • We want our instruments to be better, more sensitive and faster than other systems.
  • We strive to provide our customers with equipment at the leading-edge of technology.

The development of new applications using our technologies and engineering customized solutions aim to satisfy the needs of our customers. Individualized after-sales services and support is what defines our relationship with our clients. The unique features of PTR-MS and related direct mass spectrometry technologies – fast measurement, low detection limit and continuous monitoring capability– is what characterizes all of our instruments.

Our Vision

We are convinced by the advantages of the technologies we use and are consequently researching and developing to improve our products to satisfy the different needs of our present and future customers.

Our customers are our most important assets and for us every client is a key-account. We work together with our clients on individual solutions and provide customized products. Highest standards in after-sales service and support are key to satisfy our customers.

Our employees are highly skilled and trained experts, ensuring that our products meet the requirements of our customers. We strive for best quality at all stages of production and support processes.

Innovation is our history and our future. We are continuously developing our technology and cooperate intensively with universities and researchers all over the world.

We want to achieve sustainable growth and we work for the satisfaction of all of our stakeholders.

IONICON is a proud partner of the following international R&D projects:

IAPP "Marie Curie actions" PTR-TOF

Our Business Domains

Fundamental Research

Our broad academic customer base at universities and other research institutions provide the world with new scientific insights and publications by using the unique and novel advantages of our trace gas analyzer instruments. The very low detection limits in the sub pptv-region as well as online and real time measurement of VOCs in high time & mass resolution are the main benefits of our instruments. We also have experience in developing customized solutions for specific applications for public and private research facilities.

Analytical Laboratories

Quality control and other analytical tasks in laboratories can benefit from our fast and ultra-sensitive quantification of compounds. Time is saved by measuring without specially conditioning the samples (work-up procedures) before injecting them into the mass spectrometer and obtaining quantitative results in real-time.

Process Monitoring

The unique features of PTR-MS fulfill real-time monitoring needs in the fields of quality control, production plant surveillance and emission control. Mass spectrometric signals relating to relevant compounds can be observed with a high resolution, quantified continuously on-site and controlled remotely via the intranet/internet. Thus production failures may be reduced, product quality can be controlled and improved and the plant safety increased.

Analytical Services

We have built a team of chemists and physicists, who have many years of experience, not only conducting active research with PTR-MS and other analytical methods, but also working together with customers in many different applications. We also provide a first class lab infrastructure featuring numerous PTR-MS instruments, trace calibration devices and other tools. The services we offer to you range from study design, analysis of sample batches, data interpretation, reporting and consulting.