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300 PTR-MS

300 Instruments sold 1998-2016

We celebrate our continuous success with innovative solutions for real-time trace VOC analysis since 1998.

300. PTR-MS

In 2016 we were able to reach a historic milestone in our corporate history. In September we sent the 300th sold PTR-MS to its future user. The analyzer, a PTR-TOF 1000 system, was shipped overseas in September 2016 and will be used for analyzing chemical pollutants in industrial areas.

The whole IONICON team proudly celebrates this achievement which would not have been possible without you, our customers, PTR-MS users, partners, friends and of course, our families. 

Today, we would like to express our gratefulness and special thanks to everybody who supported us and has been walking a part of the way together with us, from the first to the 300th PTR-MS.

Taking a Look Back

Everything started in 1998 where a small group of scientists had a visionary idea and decided to commercialize a technology that was unheard of before: PTR-MS.
It allowed to analyze tiny concentrations of VOCs in real-time, without sample preparation. Time-consuming and thus expensive traditional chemical analysis methods became obsolete for many of IONICON’s PTR-MS users since then.

Back in 1998 the company started its business with one part-time employee and the sale of the first PTR-MS instrument. Immediate and sustainable success lead to growth and the diversification of IONICON’s products and services portfolio during the last 18 years.

300 PTR-MS Instruments - Milestones

Nowadays IONICON sells a variety of trace gas analyzers based on time-of-flight mass spectrometers (TOF-MS) which offer many additional benefits to the user compared to traditional quadrupole mass filters.
PTR-TOF-MS allows for much faster analysis of complex samples and features a higher mass resolution for an enhanced identification capability of substances.

From very affordable instruments for automated routine VOC monitoring to high-end analytical instruments fulfilling the needs of some of the world’s most acclaimed scientific institutions, IONICON continuously develops new technologies and analyzers.

The company also experiences rapid growth in analytical testing services, leasing of instruments and the industrial VOC monitoring solutions business.

Company History - Corporate Milestones

Join us on a journey through time and have a look at IONICON’s history, from the first instrument sold to the 300th PTR-MS: IONICON's Corporate Milestones.