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20 Years IONICON

The World's Leading PTR-MS Company since 1998

Supplying the most sensitive real-time analytical instruments for VOC monitoring to science and industry for two decades

20 Years the World's Leading PTR-MS Company

In early summer 1998 a company was founded by a group of dedicated scientists and entrepreneurs: IONICON. The aim was to make commercially available a technology that soon was to become the new gold standard for real-time monitoring of extremely low concentrated VOCs: PTR-MS. The insights in atmospheric chemistry and earth sciences that were gained over the years catered to hundreds of publications in high-impact journals, enhancing our understanding of the world we live in.

We were honored to provide our instruments to academic pioneers located all over the world, themselves being responsible for groundbreaking discoveries in their respective fields. One generation of students after the other joined in the quest for new discoveries with our continuously improving technologies and analytical instruments.

We as a company constantly advanced over the years and are undergoing a major transition from the world's leading PTR-MS company to a full-range mass spectrometry provider with our own modular TOF-MS systems as a platform for a multitude of new analytical instruments. This and many other innovations make us a leading supplier for experimental research as well as a key provider of robust, automated air monitoring systems in various industry segments.

We would like to thank you, our customers, partners and friends for your loyalty and your business within the last two decades and invite you to join us on our exciting journey into a prospering future.

Our Corporate Milestones

In 1998 we started with the first part-time employee and the sale of our first quadrupole based PTR-MS. This was the starting point of an unprecedented success story.

Ten years after everything began we had grown considerably but yet, in 2008 we had just 1/3 of our current staff. In 2012 we celebrated 200 PTR-MS systems built, in late 2016 we reached another a major milestone: our 300th sold PTR-MS instrument and not even two years later we have delivered more than 350 mass spectrometers. Now, at our 20th anniversary, we are proud to count more than 35 specialists who work for you and our future every single day.

Each and every year since our company's establishment had its outstanding achievements, innovations and notable events. Join us on a journey through time and have a look at IONICON’s history, from the first instrument sold to our 20th anniversary in 2018: IONICON's Corporate Milestones.