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Breath Test Detecting COVID-19

60-second breath test to detect COVID-19 with IONICON PTR-TOFMS. Singapore start-up develops fast breath test based on PTR-TOF technology and BET breath sampling inlet.

Experience the PTR3

We present a new generation of ultimate performance PTR-TOF systems optimized for the detection of highly-oxygenated organic molecules and RO2 radicals: the PTR3

Analytica Virtual 2020

Thank you for your visit! 19. - 23. October 2020. Chat with our international team and get thrilled by real-time trace gas analysis.

The PTR3 is here

The PTR3 is coming: welcome the new ultimate performance PTR-TOF!

Watch Novel ENDS Breath Sampling Interface for PTR-TOF in Action

Watch our Novel ENDS Breath Sampling Interface for PTR-TOF in Action True real-time puff-by-puff analysis with IONICON PTR-MS

EVR PTR-MS Response Times Outperform Other CIMS

Extended Volatility Range PTR-MS Sets the Benchmark for Speed. IONICON EVR PTR-MS outperform the response times towards compounds of reduced volatility of many other CIMS.

COVID-19 Detection in Breath

A quick, non-invasive COVID-19 test to identify an infection would be a tremendous step forward. There is a high probability that this disease can be detected in the exhaled breath. IONICON PTR-TOF systems have become the de-facto standard for real-time breath analysis.

ASMS 2020 Reboot

Visit our online profile, poster presentations and discover our ioniTOF product portfolio at the 2020 ASMS Reboot!

Lectures on CHARON PTR-TOF for VOC and particle analysis

Watch lectures: Combined analysis of VOCs and organic particles by CHARON PTR-TOF & Detection of oxidized organic molecules by CHARON PTR-TOF via soft ammonium ionization

EGU General Assembly 2020

Join our presentations at the the General Assembly 2020 of the European Geosciences Union (EGU), 4–8 May 2020 (online)