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Video: FUSION PTR - the Next-Gen PTR-TOF

Follow the creation of a FUSION PTR-TOF 10k, from an empty rack all the way through to being shipped, and see the stunning FUSION PTR performance.

When High Mass-Resolution Gives the Competitive Edge

Complex Food & Flavor Headspace Analysis with PTR-TOF 10k, benefits from high ioniTOF mass resolving power.

No. 1 Most Read Online Article on The Analytical Scientist

The winner is: "The Art Of Chemical Warfare Agent Analysis" using PTR-TOFMS, number one most read online article on The Analytical Scientist in 2022.

FUSION PTR supports CERN's CLOUD campaign

A FUSION PTR-TOF 10k has successfully supported the CLOUD 15 campaign at CERN, monitoring the widest range of gas- and particle phase substances.

Green Analytical Chemistry with PTR-MS

PTR-MS does not require any solvents, derivatization agents or toxic reagents and is therefore fully compliant with green analytical chemistry guidelines, as a recent review paper suggests.

FUSION PTR AAAR 2022 Presentation

Chemical Characterization of Gas-phase and Condensed Organics on a Molecular Composition Level by a FUSION PTR-TOF 10k instrument

IONICON Data Analyzer Update

Get Ready for IDA Version 2! With this major update, IDA features a fresh user interface and includes updated data analysis functions.

FUSION PTR Performance Update

FUSION PTR got a major update and now includes the new fast-SRI ion source, offering 4x higher sensitivity and nearly instant reagent ion switching.

Introduction to PTR-TOF Real-Time Trace VOC Analyzers

Live Interviews and PTR-TOF Applications Demo from Analytica 2022. In this video IONICON CEO Lukas Märk and CTO Jens Herbig present PTR-TOFMS at the trade show.

AMC Real-Time Monitoring with PTR-TOF

From Lab to the Fab - VOC Monitoring in the Semiconductor Industry. AMC Real-Time Monitoring with IONICON PTR-TOF Analyzers.