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Green Analytical Chemistry with PTR-MS

PTR-MS does not require any solvents, derivatization agents or toxic reagents and is therefore fully compliant with green analytical chemistry guidelines, as a recent review paper suggests.

FUSION PTR AAAR 2022 Presentation

Chemical Characterization of Gas-phase and Condensed Organics on a Molecular Composition Level by a FUSION PTR-TOF 10k instrument

IONICON Data Analyzer Update

Get Ready for IDA Version 2! With this major update, IDA features a fresh user interface and includes updated data analysis functions.

FUSION PTR Performance Update

FUSION PTR got a major update and now includes the new fast-SRI ion source, offering 4x higher sensitivity and nearly instant reagent ion switching.

Introduction to PTR-TOF Real-Time Trace VOC Analyzers

Live Interviews and PTR-TOF Applications Demo from Analytica 2022. In this video IONICON CEO Lukas Märk and CTO Jens Herbig present PTR-TOFMS at the trade show.

AMC Real-Time Monitoring with PTR-TOF

From Lab to the Fab - VOC Monitoring in the Semiconductor Industry. AMC Real-Time Monitoring with IONICON PTR-TOF Analyzers.

PTR-TOF Air Quality Monitoring at Analytica 2022

We were demonstrating real-time trace gas analysis with our extremely sensitive PTR-TOF VOC analyzer. That's what we found in the air at Analytica 2022.

Erster Platz Exportpreis 2022

Die Wirtschaftskammer Österreichs hat uns den begehrten Exportpreis 2022 in Gold verliehen. IONICON wins Austrian Export Prize in Gold.

PTR-MS Viewer 3.4.4 Update

Update to the new PTR-MS Viewer 3.4.4 fo(u)r an even better experience. Many new features await IONICON customers - free of charge.

CWA and Decontamination measurements with PTR-TOF

Check if surfaces are properly "clean and safe" after decontamination following CWA attacks. IONICON PTR-TOF works in real-time and is extremely sensitive, thus is the ideal solution.