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Food Analysis: Fruits

PTR-MS aroma analysis of strawberries

PTR-MS with its online and real-time capabilities enable researchers to quantify compounds in the nosespace of test persons. A very low detection limit and a high time resolution allow for real-time aroma-release monitoring.

Insights for aroma design and flavor research can be gained through correlations between individual food perception and measured in-nose aroma concentration.

The figure shows concentration vs time of isoprene (red line), an endogenous compound produced in the body, with each exhalation occurring approximately every eight seconds. When strawberries are chewed (start after 80 seconds) aroma compounds like methy-2methyl-butanoate, are released and can be quantified in each exhalation.

For the real-time analysis of flavor compounds in nose-space air, IONICON has developed the N.A.S.E., an inlet system for PTR-MS optimized for this application.