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Accessories and Inlet Systems

IONICON’s fastGC adds a new dimension to your PTR-TOFMS data.

The integration of a fast GC pre-separation into a PTR-TOF adds another dimension for enhanced compound separation and identification. The setup allows fast spectral runs for near real-time measurements.

Accurate TOF mass-scale calibration by adding tracer masses with IONICON’s PerMaSCal.

The mass-scale calibration of a TOF analyzer relies on peaks of known mass and constant intensity in the spectrum. Built-into your PTR-TOF, IONICON’s PerMaSCal uses permeation to add a non-toxic tracer compound to your analysis, providing peaks of constant intensity at high m/z – ideal for reliable and accurate mass-scale calibration.

Automated static & dynamic head-space analysis with PTR-MS.

PTR-MS autosampler for automated head-space analysis of up to 270 samples, high throughput analysis, increased reproducibility and maximum data consistency.

Multiple Inlet Systems for Analytical Instruments

Multiport sampling devices, based on multiplexing valves or custom built gas-stream selectors allow for sampling at different location and bring down your cost per sampling point

A heated device for efficient real-time collection of nosespace air samples and introduction into a PTR-MS inlet system.

In food, flavor and fragrance science, panelists smell or taste products and a scientist would like to directly measure what the panelist tastes with an objective quantitative method such as PTR-MS. Therefore a special system for sample collection is necessary.

Inlet System for Buffered End-Tidal (BET) Breath Analysis

Inlet system optimized for real-time breath analysis with PTR-MS. Based on our patented BET sampling technique and certified for clinical use.

Reusable flightcases for protecting and moving your IONICON PTR-MS instrument.

Wherever you go, take your instrument with you!