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PTR-TOF 8000

IONICON High-Resolution PTR-TOF-MS
IONICON High-Resolution PTR-TOF-MS
  • Detection limit: < 10 pptv
  • Sensitivity: > 120 cps/ppbv (Benzene)
  • Mass Resolution: > 5000
  • Full mass range acquisition in a split-second
  • Linearity range:
    six orders of magnitude (10 pptv - 1 ppmv)

The world's bestselling PTR-TOFMS system: a high mass resolution in combination with high sensitivity and low detection limit that helped many scientists to gain new insights. More than once results have been published in prestigious journals such as SCIENCE and NATURE.

Using a specially designed high-end orthogonal acceleration reflectron time of flight mass spectrometer in combination with the IONICON PTR technology and our ULTRA-PURE ion source the PTR-TOF 8000 achieves a mass resolution of more than 5000 up to 8000 m/Δm (FWHM) and nevertheless reaches a limit of detection well below 5 pptv and sensitivity of more than 120 cps/ppbv for e.g. Benzene.

The PTR-TOFMS technology allows to analyze a whole mass spectrum in a split second and even isobaric species can be resolved and identified with virtually no instrumental mass range limitation and a linearity range over six orders of magnitude.

Now there is even more performance available: are you interested in up to 25x more sensitivity, one order of magnitude lower detection limit and up 20% more resolution? Welcome to the future of performance: check out the new PTR-QiTOF!

Are you looking for a lighter, smaller and more affordable instrument? Take a look at the PTR-TOF 1000!

Technical Specifications:
Mass resolution

> 5000 m/Δm (FWHM)
up to 8000 m/Δm (FWHM)

Response time 100 ms

> 120 cps/ppbv for Benzene @ 60 kHz
> 80 cps/ppbv for Benzene @ 40 kHz
> 190 cps/ppbv for m/z 181 @ 40 kHz

Detection limits averaged over 1 minute

< 15 pptv for Benzene
< 10 pptv for m/z 181

Detection limits averaged over 1 second

< 100 pptv for Benzene
< 80 pptv for m/z 181

Linearity range 10 pptv - 1 ppmv
Pulse frequency up to 80 kHz
Adjustable flow 50 -1000 sccm

Inlet system heating range

up to 180°C

 (2nd inlet system and other inlet options on request)

Reaction chamber heating range 40 - 130°C
Dimensions (w x h x d) 56x130x78 cm (22x51,2x30,7 in.)
Power supply 100-230 V, max 1000 W

-Ethernet 10/100MBit RJ45 (TCP/IP)
-Touchscreen display

Selected optional features &

SRI/SRI+ options - SRI-MS technology
PerMaSCal - Permeation Source for Mass-Scale Calibration
fastGC - Gas chromatographic separation for PTR-TOFMS
Multiplexing units
Find more options, application specific inlet systems and accessories here

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.