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High-Sensitivity PTR-QMS 500

Ultra Sensitive online VOC detector - limit of detection < 1 pptv
Ultra Sensitive online VOC detector - limit of detection < 1 pptv
  • Market-leading ultra low online detection limit 
  • < 1 pptv
  • Real-time VOC quantification
  • Soft ionization technique - low fragmentation
  • Fast and direct sample injection

The High-Sensitivity PTR-QMS 500 is an ultra-sensitive real-time monitor for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and has a detection limit of < 1 pptv.

The High-Sensitivity PTR-QMS 500 is the most sensitive commercial PTR-QMS instrument available in the market. Its predecessor - the world's bestselling PTR-QMS series, IONICON's High-Sensitivity PTR-MS - is in use all over the world in more than 100 places.

Direct whole air sampling without preparation, straight forward handling and absolute quantification of volatile compounds in real-time is common to all IONICON PTR-MS instruments.

The main focus of the PTR-QMS 500 is research or laboratory use being operated using the comprehensive IONICON PTR-QMS series software suite, but also includes a touchscreen display allowing for one-button control of the system and even preconfigured analysis tasks in combination with an optional embedded industrial computer and individualized software packages.

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Mass range 1-512 amu
Resolution < 1 amu
Response time < 100 ms
Turbomolecular pumps 3
Sensitivity (Benzene) > 300 cps/ppbv
Detection threshold < 1 pptv
Linearity range 1 pptv - 10 ppmv
Adjustable flow 80 - 800 sccm
Inlet system heating range up to 180°C
(multi-position capable)
Reaction chamber heating range 45 - 120°C
Power supply 115/230 V, max 1500 W
Dimensions (w x h x d) 60x91x60 cm (23,7x35,9x23,7 in.)
Weight 132 kg (291 lb)
Main interfaces • Touchscreen display
• Ethernet 10/100MBit RJ45 (TCP/IP)
• 8x DO, 4x DI, 4x AI, 4x AO
Optional features • Embedded industrial PC
• Individually tailored software package
• Multiplexing units
• Data interfaces (digital/analog I/O)
Selective Reagent Ionization - Mass Spectrometry (SRI): H3O+, NO+ and
O2+, Kr+ and Xe+ as precursor ions