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IONICON ion guide multipole technology

Increased sensitivity and resolution for PTR-TOFMS with the ION GUIDE multipole technology.
Included in selected PTR-TOFMS systems.

The IONICON hexapole ion guide

With PTR-TOFMS you can benefit from extraordinary sensitivity in combination with a high mass resolution that allows to separate substances and thus caters to their identification.

The new IONICON ION-GUIDE technology pushes both, the instrument's sensitivity and mass resolution to new extraordinary levels.

As electrostatic fields are incapable of focusing an ion beam in two dimensions, common lens systems in the transfer region between the PTR reaction chamber and the TOF mass spectrometer deteriorate the instrument's sensitivity because of ion losses. Hence, multipole ion guides have been invented for extremely efficient, virtually lossless transport of ions. 

The ideal multipole is an IONICON hexapole

Hexapole ion guides, which are utilized in our instruments, are particularly preferable, because they transmit a wide range of ions and additionally focus them to a narrow beam. As a result not only the overall sensitivity is considerably increased, but due to favorable injection conditions into the mass spectrometer, also the mass resolution is improved.

Benefits & Availability

The ION-GUIDE technology allows us for the first time to combine outstanding sensitivity with high mass reolution in a small and lightweight PTR-TOFMS instrument.

The new IONICON PTR-TOF 4000 features the ION-GUIDE hexapole technology and a novel high-resolution TOF. The results are an impressing mass resolution of up to 4000 m/Δm and a sensitivity of roughly of 200 cps/ppbv with a low detection limit of below 5 pptv. All this with the same small footprint and as the PTR-TOF 1000.